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Founded in 2014, Beyond Polish is quickly becoming the leader in online nail polish and other beauty products. We are currently looking to expand our distribution to other countries in order to provide the industry’s top brands to nail polish lovers worldwide. 

Our industry-leading fulfillment system and practices coupled with expertise in both new and proven online marketing ensures the highest quality of customer experience for all of our customers in all markets. 


Do you think you have what it takes to go Beyond the Bottle? We are currently seeking success-driven individuals and companies looking to bring Beyond Polish to their country!

Regions available: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Spain, UAE, United Kingdom, United States

Interested in one of the above territories, or would like more information on how to get started? Send us an email at!

FRANCHISEE INFORMATION DOC/FAQ (Under main copy on page or link to separate page)

How Do I start the process of applying for a Beyond Polish Franchise?

  • Please contact us at for a franchisee application form. Once approved, you will be sent a formal agreement in which we will verify the information regarding financials and current business information.

How much money do I need to have?

  • Beyond Polish requires each applicant to have a minimum of $100,000 of unencumbered liquid asset available to invest into a Beyond Polish franchise prior to entering into the applicant program. The applicant will need to meet an equity requirement established by Beyond Polish for the purchase. 

How much is the total investment?

  • We require every franchisee to complete our training program prior to being allowed to launch the affiliate Beyond Polish franchise.

How long does the process take?

  • The application process will vary per applicant, depending on how quickly we can verify all the provided data and financial information. Once that phase is complete, the process of getting up and running will depend on if you currently have a location suitable for distribution and order fulfillment already. We basically can move as fast as you’re able to put into place the requirements needed to launch!

Is training provided to prospective Franchisees?

  • We require the completion of our training program prior to the franchise being launched. We will work with you every step of the way to best set you up for success. Typically, this will take anywhere from 3-6 months to complete depending on the applicant. 

If I am interested in a specific territory not listed, how can I start one there?

  • Send us an email at and let us know which territory you would be interested in starting, so we can see if that market is viable for the business

Am I able to invest with a partner?

  • Yes! However, all investors must individually complete all the forms, verifications and training independently. 

Beyond Polish Franchising Form
(To be sent to applicants who write in (or may convert to google doc)

* Indicates a required field
Tell us about yourself
  • *First Name:
  • *Last Name:
  • *Phone:
  • *Email Address:
  • *Address:
  • *City:
  • *Country:
  • *Territory interested in franchising:

Legal information:
*Have you ever been convicted of anything other than minor traffic violations? Are you involved in pending litigation?

*Have you or your spouse ever declared personal bankruptcy? Please explain 

Which languages are you fluent in?

Demographic Information:

Education & Occupation
*Last year of schooling completed
Name of college and/or postgraduate school
*Occupational Field
*Position Held
*Company Name
*Describe duties, number of employees supervised and responsibilities (0/512 characters)

Business or Franchise information
*Have you ever owned your own business or franchise?
*Have you ever had a business failure? If yes, please explain
*Total assets (in $):
*Total debt (in $):
*Net worth (in $):
*Total non-borrowed funds available to invest:

*Are you related by blood or marriage to any officer of Beyond Polish USA?
Yes / No
Relation's First Name:
Relation's Last Name:

*Are you related by blood or marriage to any owner of a Beyond Polish franchise?
  • Yes/No
  • Relation's First Name:
  • Relation's Last Name:
  • Relationship:
*Are you or your employer providing products, goods or services to Beyond Polish or franchisees of Beyond Polish?

*How much time will you devote to this business?
  • Full Time 
  • Part Time
  • Passive Investor

*Have you ever applied for a Beyond Polish franchise? If so, where and when?

*How did you learn of Beyond Polish franchise opportunities?
  • Online/Website
  • Beyond Polish Employee
  • Beyond Polish Franchisee
  • Other

If approved, you will be sent a confidential complete franchising agreement form to fill out in order to verify all the above information and claims. 

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