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5 Ways To Thank A Healthcare Hero


Posted on June 04 2020


Not all heroes wear capes. You'll find some wearing white lab coats, blue scrubs, and a stethoscope adorned around their neck.

For the countless hours spent on the hospital floors, their bravery, patience, and dedication to helping those who need it most is no match for even the strongest supervillain.

Now more than ever, self-care for our healthcare friends is so important. Give back by sending them a gift. Below you'll find a list of essentials for every healthcare hero.


NCLA Mani E.R. Manicure Kit 

Manicure Nail Care Kit


NCLA Hands Clean Variety Pack


Hand Santizer


CND Solar Oil Cuticle Care Pen 



Summer Edition Mystery Box


Mystery Box Nail Polish



Face Masks by Everly


Face Masks by Everly



Want to let them decide? Send a Beyond Polish gift card.

Nail Polish Gift Card

Learn about how we thanked our healthcare heroes in #BPxHeroesWearPearls. Click here for more.


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